Sunday, 20 April 2014

flower children, flowy dresses & vintage kimonos

outfit details:
dress - Free People  /  kimono - Kivari  /  flower crown - Wild & Free Jewelry  /  bra - Spell Designs
henna - Hint of Henna  /  compass watch - Pandeia  /  feathers - The Feather Junkie
necklaces - Sportsgirl & Feather Finder  /  belt - Old Sportsgirl  /  cuff  - She made me & Child of Wild

 ||   happy easter   ||

Wishing you all a very happy easter this sunday & hoping that the easter bunny brought you some yummy eggs hehe

Today sharing with you a fun lil shoot when I did have my henna done. It was a fun little thing i did to bring some happiness to a sad day. Twirling around in a beautiful bohemian dress form free people and the cutest pom pom beige coloured kimono from Kivari.

Some very exciting news is coming in the next two weeks, 
its starts with a G  I  V E and ends in A W A  Y hehe. 

So be sure to follow me on instagram @coconutandlime to keep updated on when it does begin! 
you won't want to miss out :D

Love Leana xx

Saturday, 12 April 2014

The Pandeia studio

photographer:  Ashley Camper  ||  location: Kelsi's house & Pandeia studio

follow your inner compass…

It has always been such a pleasure to know Kelsi from Pandeia and be on a journey together with her. I have known her since the beginning of my blog and start of her designs. To see how far she has come and to be able to wear her amazing creations every day is such a magical thing.

And boy oh boy when I saw these incredible shots of her studio and home in Hawaii I was instantly booking a one way ticket and wanting to move straight in haha. I have always been a fan of interior and am forever changing around my room and making it my own inspiring oasis which I love to zone out in. So to see a white on white beach style bohemian lil house it was a dream come true, that of course I must share with you…

It is a wonderful thought to think of the beautiful way of living Kelsi has set in our minds with her compass watches through: following our inner compass. I think a lot of the time we all forget to trust in ourselves and just let things happen as they should knowing we will be ok. I know myself I need to build up more trust in myself and having this reminder on my wrist every day is just what I need.

To purchase your own compass watch head to:

or check out the stockists on there :)

I hope this brings some inspiration to your week, makes you feel excited to change up your own room and even start to build up some more trust in yourself.

Love Leana xx

Saturday, 5 April 2014

gypsy dreams in lavender fields

Outfit details:
skirt - Ixiah the Label  /  kimono - Flynn Skye  /  gypsy tee - Spell Designs from La La Latrobe
bag - Sancia the Label  /  necklace & bindi - Child of Wild  /  henna - Hint of Henna
hat - Asos  /  bra - Isla Collective  /  rings - Spell Designs & Bahgsu jewels  
silver bell bracelet - Hope & May  /  feathers - The Feather Junkie  /  anklet - Rico Designs

I am happy to share with you this fun as lil outfit shoot today… I have been totally drawn to lilac lately and I was told the other day that purple is the most healing colour of them all. It is so magical to think how sometimes everything within us knows things before we really know ourselves. 

This beautiful kimono by my favourite Flynn Skye is so special to wear, the colours, patterns & how it wears are all too good to be true. I would say a kimono is my ultimate essential in any season. I am building a very nice collection over the last few years and would love to one day pass on my my stories and memories in every kimono to my own children to enjoy and wear themselves. 

And how about that fringe skirt sneaking out below my gypsy tee, the wonderful IXIAH the label made this beautiful piece that can be worn as a skirt or a dress, and these photos don't do justice how amazing it is.

I hope that you all find some inspiration in this outfit and are able to find a colour that is healing for you in some ways, maybe look into why you wear certain things and how they make you feel :)

        * drawing above by Raych Urquhart 

 Love Leana xxxx